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Why Employers Are Using Hair Drug Tests Now More Often Than Urinalysis

We can differentiate plenty of drug screening methods that employers are implementing in their policies so that they can maintain drug-free working environment.

Have in mind that the least popular method is hair analysis because most people do not understand it and it is the most expensive as well.

However, the operation is simple, and we can compare it with urinalysis with ease.

Of course, you can search online to answer the question: how to pass a hair follicle drug test for weed, but that is another challenge filled with numerous obstacles that you should pass to do it.

The process starts by getting a hair collection kit as well as CCF or Chain of Custody Form. As soon as you write your consent that you are willing to give a sample, a technician will perform a procedure at a lab site.

They will cut 1.5 inches of the sample from the base of your head and with width of pencil. You do not have to worry because technicians will not leave a hole or patch on your head, because they have experience on how to do it so that no one can notice.

In some situations, donors do not have enough hair so that the technician can collect a relevant sample required for the process. However, they can easily use other parts of your body and collect samples until they get enough.

We recommend you to avoid shaving yourself entirely because that will cause suspicion to your employer and they will consider it failed instead of repetition.

What about Different Forms of Testing?

The best thing about hair analysis is the large detection window when compared with other types and conventional methods.

You will be able to detect the presence of drug metabolites inside the hair follicles that will remain there for at least three months, which is much better solution than saliva that features that can detect the presence only in the next few days after consumption.

Apart from the ability to detect long-term abuse, hair analysis is usually under supervision by laboratory staff and collector, so the cheating is not possible as well as tampering with specimen afterward.

On the other hand, a urine drug test cannot be under supervision because it is considered as breach of privacy, which is why your employee can easily substitute a sample or do something about it that will affect the results.

You should remember that urinalysis is considered as the golden standard in the world of drug screening, but in the last few years, employers started combining them with hair drug tests in form of backup check.

It is also common for legal situations by courts so that you can present your behavior in the last few months. You should check here and you will be able to learn everything about urinalysis.

The Disadvantages of Hair Analysis

We have mentioned in the second sentence that this is the least common choice for screening among employers. The main reason for that is due to its high price tag, which may be complicated for small and intermediate companies that rely on every single cent.

Apart from the high price tag, you will also get an ability to check lower number of drugs than other methods. Therefore, it can detect the presence of weed, PCP, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, opiates, and barbiturates. Note that it cannot detect alcohol use.

Another common problem that happens with this particular test is the invasiveness when compared with saliva and urine testing.

Even though it is legal to test your potential employees, a haircut is not something that everyone will cherish afterward, which is another thing you should have in mind.

Hair Testing Myths

People have numerous misconceptions and myths about this particular testing method. The main reason for that is because they have not used it yet, which is why it is not popular among the public of employers.

Therefore, we decided to present to you the most common myths that are not true:

  • It Features Higher Quality Testing Than Other Methods – Have in mind that when it comes to efficiency, hair analysis features the same level as well as quality as saliva and urine. The reality states that we cannot say that this is the best screening method because every single employer has different objective he wishes to achieve. However, it will present your most extended detection window, which is something that may help you along the way.
  • Urine and Hair Tests Function The Same – Apart from the main difference in the form of specimen that you have to give, both methods use different measurement range as well, so we cannot say that the procedures are similar. At the same, due to separate detection window and the nature of urine and hair follicle, you will be able to test them for the same drug and get opposite results.
  • You Can Be Positive Due To Second-Hand Smoke – This is one of the most popular myths that you can find online. The main idea is that only things you consume will enter your follicle through blood, which means that you will be able to remove second-hand smoke after washing your hair. At the same time, lab technicians will have to clean the sample, and that will also remove the second-hand smoke. It cannot be false-positive due to it, but you should avoid eating poppy seed cakes, because it may make you positive on opiates because most of them are derived from this particular plant.

If you wish to get weed out of your system, you should check out this website: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Pot-Out-of-Your-System for more information.

It Cannot Show Recent Use

Finally, we are presenting you the truth you should remember because it differs from other methods because it cannot detect the short-term drug abuse.

Therefore, if you smoked yesterday a joint or ten of them, and the next day you have a test, your hair will not feature samples of THC metabolites.

The main reason for that is that it will require at least seven days for new hair to start growing with a particular compound you consumed beforehand.

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