June 1, 2020

Learn the Right Way of Getting Dressed for a Therapeutic Massage

When you’re tired with your daily work, but are unable to avoid it, it shows on your face. Sleepless nights, hard work, stress, depression, anxiety, dirt, pollution etc. are main reasons of faster aging. When your brain and body isn’t relaxed, blood circulation is slow which decreases our metabolism rate. Due to which, collagen synthesis doesn’t happen and dead skin accumulates resulting to dullness, wrinkles, dark circles, rashes and pimples.

No matter how much you spend on your cosmetics, if you aren’t taking proper precaution for your skin, that shine will not last longer. Even your skin needs to breathe, so every time you can’t cover it with cosmetics. Hence, whenever you feel that your skin needs nourishment, it is better to visit on weekend spa to spend some time with those professionals who know exactly what your skin requires. The professionals working in a spa aren’t some regular employees, but they are professionals who have studied hard and have proper certificate and license. Hence, they have thorough knowledge of different kinds of skin and their requirements. Thus, you can leave your tension to them.

When people hear the word spa they instantly imagine a nude person lying on their stomach getting ready for massage with oil. However, for newbies it is necessary to know that not all massage requires being naked. Not all clients are comfortable to undress themselves in front of strangers therefore you can opt for different kinds of services as per your choice.

There are two types of massage –

  • Nude massage
  • Clothed massage

Nude massage

Nude massage is done only when oil is poured all over the body on bare skin. People are allowed to wear their lingerie, but the remaining clothes are removed. This is done to avoid any spoiling of clothes and to make it easier to massage properly. Apart from that, a sheet is laid on their body to drape those parts which aren’t being massaged for the time being. This way customer also feels comfortable with the professional.

Clothed massage

This massage doesn’t require removing clothes. The therapist will work on points, which requires healing. If required, you might need to remove your shoes so that therapist can press your reflex points. This massage doesn’t require any oil, hence simply lying on a couch or recliner chair is enough for a person to enjoy some relaxing time.

Dress normally when you go for a spa treatment, but ensure to carry shorts or other clothes that can be worn during massage. It is wise to remove all jewellery before going to the spa centre. You can always keep a spare set of clothes in case you want to take a shower and change into fresh. Above all, before taking an appointment always confirm all the dos and don’ts from the spa centre to avoid any trouble.

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