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How to book a dentist appointment

The F-1 Visa Student School requires students to provide medical insurance certificates when registering each academic year, otherwise they cannot register, which means that the students are mandatory for health insurance (美国医疗保险). For international students with an F-1 visa, the first choice is definitely to participate in the school’s student medical insurance plan, which is the exclusive insurance plan that the school provides to the students who want to study in U.S. also known as美国留学. However, if you have graduated from school and luckily win the H-1B lottery (h1b抽签), and work under h1b visa (also known as (美国h1b签证) or applied green card(also known as 移民排期, you will have to choose your own insurance plan, such as huhu insurance (also known as 虎虎保险). Today, we will introduce how to book a dentist appointment in U.S. (美国 看牙).

First of all, you need to find the clinic in your insurance network, and then you can make an appointment by phone. When you make an appointment, you can confirm with the other party that your insurance company will not accept it. Whether you have a problem with your teeth or no problem, the first appointment can only be done routinely, as the clinic needs to have your records.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will need to fill out a form with your basic information, insurance company and insurance card information. After filling out the form, X-rays will be taken and then checked. Your doctor will check your teeth and gums and then wash your teeth. If your teeth have other problems, the doctor will tell you what treatments you need to do. At this time, humanized services appear. We often hear the doctor say that the first question after treatment is how much it costs. Doctors in the United States will not tell you the cost. Someone in the office is responsible for this. They will get a list written by the doctor, then tell you the cost of each item, combined with your insurance, to help you calculate the final cost. After you understand the cost, you are sure what treatment you need to do, and it is fine to make a reservation again.

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